Sunday, 5 June 2011

how people assume

Wow blog number 2... This is harder then I ever thought... I just want people to realize it is hard being fat... People just think oh just cut down what you eat and exercise... Oh if it were easy as that....least I wish it was that easy...
One thing I read in the papeer about "obese" (hate that word) people costing the nhs a pile of money, well I would like to know where they get that from because I haven't seen any help.... I know a lot of people will say you ate the food so its your fault why your big..
Thing is though if I had money to pay privately would anyone question having surgery to help to lose weight..probably not..but if I went to Dr to get help.. its a different story...
I would like one of those people who make those snide remarks try one of those fat suits that weigh what I weigh and see how they can get around.. I figure that person won't be making those snide remarks any more..

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